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  • Resourceful crow - Raising water level to get food closer to the beak
  • This is America!
  • Out with hypnotoad. In with hypnoass
  • Heinrich Severloh (german soldier) and David Silva (american soldier) on Omaha Beach, 2004
  • Infrared view of an F1 cars tires [x-post r/dataisbeautiful]
  • Crushing a cruise liner like a tin can.
  • Crab getting sucked into a pipe.
  • Against the odds.
  • Steel wool
  • A game of nope!
  • Fact: beards give you super bowling powers
  • How to stop thinking about food
  • Tom Bergeron here. I'm tired of seeing all of the reposts of AFV gifs, so I'm rolling out some fresh OC from last week's show.
  • Mechanical Blinds
  • BB vs Glass, in slooo-mo
  • Slow Motion Puff Adder Attack